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PST repair software is best tool which allows the users to recover lost corrupted, damaged or even permanently deleted files. It is compatible with different versions of Outlook and helps to recover oversized PST files.


Although, we can say that the software is very useful and helps in all cases of damage and corruption in the repair of PST file.

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Steps to Resolve 0x800CCC93, 0x800CCC94, 0x800CCC95 Errors Quickly

Error 1: Outlook 0x800CCC93 Code

I am detecting Outlook 0x800CCC93 error code after launching the application. I have also noticed that my PST files has been corrupted. I don't know how to deal with the situation. It is extremely annoying which is stopping me from performing any normal tasks. I am searching for the effective way to fix 0x800CCC93 error code. If you have any idea about the error then please help me. All the suggestions will be strongly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Brief Details about 0x800CCC93:-

MS Outlook is a powerful application which comes with the package suite of MS Office. It helps the users to send or receive emails mainly for business purpose. Using this application, you will be able to manage your emails, contacts, schedules etc in an organized manner. Even more, it also allows the users to save their files in PST format which can be access in offline manner. But how will you feel if you will get 0x800CCC93 error code at the time of opening the saved PST files? Nobody wants to face such situation but recently many users have detected it. In fact, this hexa-decimal code will also display an unwanted error message on the screen which is given below:-

"0x800CCC93 POP3 PARSE FAILURE - Unable to interpret response"

Main Causes of 0x800CCC93 Error Code:-

You should know that there are lots of factors which are responsible for 0x800CCC93 error code on the screen. The main points has been mentioned below:-

  • Entrance of malicious threats or malware in the system.

  • Misconfiguration of default settings in MS Outlook.

  • Accidental deletion of important files related to the application.

  • Abrupt termination of the PC when Outlook is in use.

  • Oversize of the PST files.

  • Similar applications using the same DLL files.

Error 2: Outlook 0x800CCC94 Code

If you have reached at our page then it might be possible that you are detecting 0x800CCC94 error code on the screen. Don't panic because you have reached at perfect location. This article contains all the essential information about the error code, harmful consequences in the PC and the guidelines to fix it permanently. So, you are advised to follow all the instructions in step-by-step manner.

What is Outlook 0x800CCC94 Error?

MS Outlook is one of the most popular application which is mainly used by the business organizations for sending or receiving emails. It also supports lots of advanced features which will help the users to manage their files in an organized way. But the worst situation occurs when user starts to detect 0x800CCC94 error code on the screen when they attempt to send or receive emails. You should know that such alerts may occurs due to damage of PST files, changes in default settings, accidental deletion of important files and many more. You will also get annoyed with its error message which has been given below:-

"0x800CCC94 POP3_NEED_STAT STAT - Command required"

Common Symptoms after 0x800CCC94 Error:-

Due to 0x800CCC94 error code in MS Outlook, you will find difficulty in performing any normal task. Some of the aftermaths of error has been discussed below:-

  • Problem in sending or receiving emails.

  • Regular crashing or permanent freezing of the application is possible.

  • PST files will become inaccessible due to corruption issues.

  • The running speed of the Outlook and other PC functions will degrade gradually.

  • System will behave strangely to your instructions.

Error 3: Outlook 0x800CCC95 Code

Are you extremely annoyed with 0x800CCC95 error code in MS Outlook? Does it stops from your performing any task? Do you want to get rid of such annoying alerts permanently? Have you tried to fix the error but ended up with failure. If you are facing all these issues and wants to get rid of it quickly then you need to follow the guidelines which has been mentioned below. It will not only help you to fix the error but also repair the damaged PST files.

What is Outlook 0x800CCC95 Error?

MS Outlook is one of the popular application which is a product of Microsoft Corporation. It comes with lots of advanced features and powerful functions. However, it is extremely useful but user gets annoyed when they detect 0x800CCC95 error code on the screen. It is an unwanted error which stops the users from sending or receiving emails. Even more, you will also detect slow down in the running speed and the application will start to behave strangely to your instructions. It is also possible that you will find an error message on the screen which is given below:-

“0x800CCC95 POP3_NO_MESSAGES - No messages on server”

How to Fix 0x800CCC93, 0x800CCC94, 0x800CCC95 Error Automatically?

If you have tried all the possible ways to get rid of 0x800CCC93, 0x800CCC94, 0x800CCC95 error then you have reached at perfect location. To get rid of it completely, you are advised to make use of Outlook PST Repair Tool which has been developed by the technical experts. It makes use of powerful algorithms and high level mechanisms to run full scanning in the system. After detecting the cause, it will take quick action to fix the error permanently. Even more, you can also use the tool to repair the damaged files as well as restore deleted, encrypted or even oversized files in just few clicks. You does not need to have technical knowledge in order to use the software as it comes with user-friendly interface. So, what are you thinking for, take immediate actions to download the trial version of the tool. After complete satisfaction, you can purchase the licensed version of the software.

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