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PST repair software is best tool which allows the users to recover lost corrupted, damaged or even permanently deleted files. It is compatible with different versions of Outlook and helps to recover oversized PST files.


Although, we can say that the software is very useful and helps in all cases of damage and corruption in the repair of PST file.

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    Search the Outlook for corrupted PST Files.
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    Begin the scanning process.
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    Save the recovered PST files to your desired location.

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Easy Guide To Fix Outlook 0x800CCCD5, 0x800CCCD6, and 0x800CCCD7 error

Error 1:

When I try to open MS Outlook, a 0x800CCCD5 error appears on the screen that displays an error message. due to this error, I am unable to access my Outlook. I have to send urgent emails, But this does not allow me to start the Outlook application. I have no idea about the error and the ways to fix it. Can you help me? All the suggestions will be very appreciated.

What is Outlook 0x800CCCD5 error?

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular and reliable application that allows users to easily send and receive an email in just no time. It also allows managing calendar, email, contacts, notes, and other data easily. Instead of this, some Outlook users reported that they are getting Outlook 0x800CCCD5 error on the screen. It Is a critical error that generally occurs while sending or receiving the email. This error code is always presented as the IMAP_NOTIMAPSERVER error message.

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Why Outlook 0x800CCCD5 error occurs?

There are various reasons that are responsible for the Error code on the screen and prevent the users from performing any task easily. Some of the common causes are listed below:

  • Corrupts download an incomplete installation of the program
  • Malicious malware and virus attack
  • Corruption in the Windows registry of the system
  • Another program mistakenly deletes the Outlook Related Program.

All the above-mentioned reasons are the prime causes for the Outlook 0x800CCCD5 error occurs. Once this error occurs you will notice some strange behaviors of the system. Let's discuss the Symptoms of the error so that you can easily be recognized that this error occurs on the system.

What are the common Symptoms of Outlook 0x800CCCD5 error?

When this error occurs, you will notice that your system responding slowly and freeze periodically. You are unable to perform any task properly. Always “IMAP_NOTIMAPSERVER” is displayed on the screen and crash all the running programs.

Error 2:

Did you detect the Outlook 0x800CCCD6 error on your screen? Do you get error messages when you try to send an email from Outlook? Are you completely upset with these annoying alerts? Are you waiting for a way to get rid of this immediately? If you respond positively to all these questions, you have landed in the perfect place. This Article will help you to fix Outlook 0x800CCCD6 error completely. So Read This post carefully.

Tell me: What is Outlook 0x800CCCD6 error?

Undoubtedly, MS Outlook is one of the most used email applications. Due to its amazing feature, it considered as the most reliable and best program that allows the users to send and receive email. But under some circumstance, Outlook users may face Outlook 0x800CCCD6 error code on their screen. It is quite annoying and nobody wants to receive the alert, but it is possible at any time with anyone. It always presented as IMAP_BUFFER_OVERFLOW on the screen.

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What are the causes behind Outlook 0x800CCCD6 error?

There are several reasons that are responsible for the Outlook 0x800CCCD6 error on the screen. Some of the common reasons are discussed below:

  • Virus attack on the system that corrupts the Outlook related files
  • Incomplete installation of the Applications
  • Ccorrupts registry entry
  • Other program overwrote the Outlook related file

Some Common Symptoms of Outlook 0x800CCCD6 error?

Due to the Outlook 0x800CCCD6 error, You will detect many strange activities in the system. Some of the common points are given below:

  • Blocking and freezing of the system become regular Problem.
  • Lots of error messages and warning pop-up will appear on the screen
  • All the stored item of the Outlook become inaccessible
  • system speed degrade
  • unable to send and receive email.

Error 3:

What is Outlook 0x800CCCD7 error?

MS Outlook is a widely used application that helps users send and receive emails. Due to its advanced features, it is considered as the best program available in the market to send and receive emails. In addition to all the functions, sometimes the user gets the Outlook 0x800CCCD7 error on the screen that shows the error message IMAP_RECVR_ERROR.

What are the causes of Outlook 0x800CCCD7 error?

There are many reasons that are responsible for the error. Damage or corruption of the PST file is also one of the common factors. The main reasons are mentioned below:

  • Incomplete and corrupts installation of the program.
  • Virus attack
  • abrupt termination of the system
  • Hardware and Software failure.

What are the consequences of Outlook 0x800CCCD7 error?

Once this error occurs you will notice some strange behaviors in the system. Some of the common Symptoms are given below:
  • It crashes all the active program
  • System start running slow
  • Always displayed IMAP_RECVR_ERROR error messages on the screen.

Manual method to solve Outlook 0x800CCCD5, 0x800CCCD6, and 0x800CCCD7 error?

In order to solve the issue, Outlook Provide an inbuilt tool called Scanpst.exe. It can solve the minor issues of the Outlook. But it has some limitation. As it cannot repair several damaged PST File or encrypted files. Try to solve this error with the scanpst.exe tool first. If you fail to fix Outlook 0x800CCCD5, 0x800CCCD6, and 0x800CCCD7 error with the help of inbuilt tool then you are highly advised to use Outlook PST Repair Tool. It is the most powerful and reliable solution to fix such as error. Let's discuss the Software and its feature.

Complete Information About Outlook PST Repair Tool

Outlook PST Repair Tool is a powerful and reliable tool that can fix you error permanently. It has been designed using powerful algorithms and high-level mechanisms to perform a deep scanning process. The easy-to-use interface helps non-technical users access the software with ease. In fact, you can also use the software to recover permanently deleted files as well as mailbox elements. This tool is compatible with all versions of MS Outlook and the Windows operating system. The trial version of the software is available for free. Download the trial version to know the Working efficiency of the software. Download the software Now!.

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